Weiss Architecture Studio

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Those interested in furniture and its history will find that Dorney Court is replete with pieces that intrigue, enchant and surprise.

The contents of the House were looted in their entirety by Cromwellian forces and so the great majority of the furniture dates from the Restoration although the massive table in Great Hall, hewn from one piece of oak, bears notches and scars that suggest it may have been used during feasts since time immemorial.

Four poster beds, lacquer cabinets and contemporary designs all found favour for practical purposes.  Few were collected upon aesthetic whim.  The imposing bed in the Great Chamber is of the tester style not just to afford privacy but more importantly to provide a waterproof canopy as protection from a leaking roof. The lacquered furniture was used on campaign by Palmers serving on Eastern fronts, particularly by Field Marshall Sir Donald Stewart, and the modern pieces show the determination of the Family to make use of wood from the Estate.